PathFormance is the Leader in Digital Shopper Marketing

Shoppers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and aware of being marketed to and are demanding brands to engage on a personal and customized level.  Generic marketing will be ignored and seen as spam marketing.  
Personalized, relevant, and contextual messaging results in engagement and shopper acceptance of the marketing message. 


Furthermore, leveraging information such as location, time, day, demographics, and shopper profiles in real time, is critical in the path to purchase decision. Precision targeting, specific store locations, real time trends, shopper behaviors, and preferences are all key components to successful marketing activation. 

CPG brands need digital strategies as part of driving shoppers to store and online to offline purchases.  In addition, brands that provide digital shopper marketing programs are seen as strategic partners to the retailer. 
The CPG marketplace is moving behind traditional marketing and media strategies. The brands that adopt and embrace will be clear winners and innovators. Don’t wait, digital marketing is now. It is here to stay. 


Whether your brand is an impulse purchase, digital mobile will capture shoppers “in the moment”.  Or a planned purchase, omni-channel marketing will reach the shopper no matter where they go to engage with the brand across all platforms. 

Driving in-store traffic and encouraging purchase of your brand is mission critical.  
Reach your shopper at every access point, and usage occasions. 


PathFormance captures data on the shopper for insights and continuous learning for marketing activation and delivers this information in near real time. This can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace to be armed with knowledge to execute successful marketing strategies. 

PathFormance is your key to success.

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